Plowing and Plow Adjustment for Draft Horses Workshop

This workshop is designed for participants who have some experience in working with draft horses and would like to learn plowing and plowing techniques, including the proper adjustment of plow components for efficient and quality work. Walt and Kris, of Ruby and Amber’s Organic Oasis, a certified organic and biodynamic farm, personally conduct the workshop.  We produce a wide variety of crops on our 70 acre farm, including grains and market vegetables, so there is ample opportunity for plowing in a wide variety of conditions.  We plow with the single horse walking plow in our green houses, team walking plow, and two or more horses on the sulky plow, so so we are able to offer a diverse experience with a wide variety of equipment and horses.

The workshop is limited to 6 hands on participants to ensure plenty of hands on learning. 

 Topics include:
• Safety tips for working around horses and equipment.
• Basics of plow design—parts, components, and how they work.
• Harnessing, harness adjustment, & hitching procedures to insure proper angle of draft  and performance of the plow being used.
• How to set up and adjustment your plows for different soil conditions.
• Evaluation of your old plow for possible use—bring your plow.
• Field layout, plowing procedure, and field definitions.
• Discussion of resources, parts sources, literature.

There are a limited number of observer slots available at each workshop.  Observers are allowed to observe, and ask questions at the workshop, but are not allowed direct participation with the animals or equipment.

The workshop price is 250.00 per person.
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